Welcome to the Florida Online Request for a Military Certification Fees Waiver!

This application is for individuals who are applying to request a Military Certification Fees Waiver (MCFW). This new legislative provision introduces the opportunity for active duty military personnel, honorably discharged veterans, and their spouses or surviving spouses to request a waiver of registration fees for initial attempts on examinations required for Educator Certification and/or application fees for initial evaluations of eligibility for Educator Certification.

To complete a waiver request, an educator candidate is required to:

  •   Submit this online waiver request;
  •   Upload official documentation for review to determine that you satisfy the qualification requirements for MCFW eligibility; and,
  •   Await notification of your MCFW eligibility prior to registering for exams or submitting application for an Educator’s Certificate.

An MCFW remains valid for up to five years upon determination of eligibility, after which time an educator may submit a new request according to current eligibility requirements for a new waiver.

Instructions for completing the Online Waiver Request

Before requesting a waiver, applicants must first create an account via the Military Certification Fees Waiver (MCFW) site. Once registered and logged in successfully, complete the waiver eligibility request by entering your applicant details information and following the “Next” buttons through each of the application sections. Your waiver request will not be reviewed for eligibility until you submit the waiver request which includes uploading documentation verifying the current status of the service member who meets one of the eligible categories as:

  •   an active duty military personnel;
  •   deceased while on active duty; or
  •   an honorably discharged veteran.

Your request cannot be reviewed until it is complete and received in the Florida Department of Education. Once completed, all requests are processed in date order and you will be notified via email regarding your waiver eligibility status.

WARNING: Giving false information in order to obtain or renew a Florida educator’s certificate is a criminal offense under Florida law. Anyone giving false information is subject to criminal prosecution as well as disciplinary action by the Education Practices Commission.

For certification questions or other information regarding the processing of your Military Certification Fees Waiver request, please visit the Military Personnel Opportunities from our Educator Certification site or contact the Florida Department of Education via email at TroopsTeaching4FL@fldoe.org

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